Corey founded Red Milk LLC in order to provide protection that he believes clients need and want. Corey has expertise and specializes in domestic & international venue, arena, stadium & festival tour/travel security.

Corey holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Cybercrime from Southern New Hampshire University where he graduated summa cum laude. Corey is scheduled to begin his Masters of Science in Counterterrorism & Homeland Security degree in Fall of 2024.

Corey brings a different level of precision protection to every client he works with. Each client Corey protects requires different levels of protection. Corey always tailors his approach of protection to make sure his clients are always safe. Corey has expertise in the following:

● Directing and training security teams at arenas and stadiums in necessary skill sets
● Safety protocols including advancing venues, onsite priorities, and post-event evaluations
● Planning and execution around challenging logistical situations and planning
● Managing complex problems relative to emergency incidents, including large crowds, small crowds, venues and personal protection
● Preparing worst-case scenarios; creating a facility’s safety and security operational plan
● Effective planning and management systems including, but not limited to, crisis
communication protocols, incident preparedness, and compliance
● Mitigating liability risks in venues of all sizes reducing chance of error during incidents
● Security coordination for development and implementation of a safety and security plan
● Reviewing existing facility procedures; identifying standards, codes and regulations
● Comprehensive threat and risk assessment, risk reduction, and mitigation measures.
● Liaising with local law enforcement; maintaining constant awareness of threat conditions

Corey’s past clients and credentials are available upon request.